"A.B.R.R.A" -Poof! IT'S GONE!

Turn YOU Around NOW | Experience Your BEST SELF NOW!

What's In store:

  • Gain EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE & Deep 'Inner Standing' of your HIGHEST SELF!
  • Reclaim your PEACE of MIND in the midst of CHAOS - in SECONDS!
  • Consciously Control Your ATTITUDE, MOOD & EMOTIONS in SECONDS! 
  • Feel & Functioning Amazing => CONSISTENTLY! 
  • IDENTIFY & RESOLVE  when you are out of alignment! (in SECONDS!)
  • BONUS | Call with Brian once you complete your course work ($1,000 Value) 
  • 30 Day $ Back Guarantee!
  • $1,200.00 VALUE for just $197.00! 

What People Are Saying:

I had been in a deep rut that I couldn't get out of for at least 3 years. I was mentally and emotionally exhausted and I was at the end of my rope. I was not suicidal, but I did not want to live the way I was living anymore. I wasn't really living. I was existing at best, just surviving. Then I saw Brian on TikTok doing a live presentation and I was glued to what he was saying. I just listened and absorbed. He offered more support on a 1 on 1 call, so I took him up on it. He worked with me for over an hour to help me get clear and start getting relief. So I decided to sign up for one of his programs. He has already worked with me even before the program starts. In the hour we worked, I feel better than I had in years. My zest for life returned. My happiness came back. My positive attitude was there once again. If I had not personally experienced it, I would not have believed it myself. I would have said that what happened was not possible or that it was just hype. But I assure you, it did happen and it is happening several days later. I am living again. I can't wait to see what the rest of the program and Brian's coaching brings.


I was in the room last week and we talked about fear. I have to learn this!


Thank you for creating ABRRA! It helped me this morning. Literally 2 minutes after eating breakfast I had a hunger, almost nausea feeling. I knew why & what that was from. It is not a pleasant feeling. I was able to turn my fear into faith and courage.


Brother Brian! Just wanted to say thank you! I started ABRRA this morning. You said “We don’t get what we WANT in life. We get who we ARE” — this really resonated. So good. Great motivation for my Monday. Excited to keep diving in!


We just created a miracle with ABRRA! A woman I have been working with cancelled her surgery she has planned. Her symptoms are gone after using conscious language. Thank you!

David D.

$197.00 USD




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